College student uses Cogmed to overcome lifelong attention problems, is excelling working in his father’s business

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Bedfordview, South Africa

Background: Throughout his whole life, this 24 year old man was plagued by problems with concentration and hyperactivity. He was on Ritalin for a while but said that it did not really help with his attention problems. His progress was hindered when he lost his mother at the age of thirteen, and the tense political situation surrounding his family also made it difficult to find a suitable intervention for his cognitive deficiencies. As a result, his problems persisted into his late teens and caused him to be irritable and impatient – he felt he was under performing and became frustrated. Wanting to join his father in his business, he began looking harder for an intervention for his attention problems and entered therapy in his early twenties. At that time, he underwent the Cogmed training program.

The young man saw great improvement after Cogmed training, as he said, “Cogmed has assisted me in a big way. Especially in my education and my work; I have improved in all aspects.” He also said that his memory especially has increased – he says “My memory capability has been increased to a point where I do not have to read a section over and over in order to remember”.

Cogmed training has allowed him to maximize his potential in school and at work in his father’s business. He said, “Thanks to Cogmed I can cope better at work and at school and I recently passed my last semester with high marks – which has always been an issue – but thanks to Cogmed now, that has all been changed”.

The young man recently joined his father to help him run their large construction, security, transport, and factoring company and is performing well. He said that he can feel his brain exercising its new memory capabilities in every aspect of his life and recommends Cogmed training to others. “I would advise all adults and children to partake in Cogmed as it a good experience… it is a good exercise for the brain and helps it function even better. I highly recommend it to all ages”.

Key challenges:

  • Suffered from serious attention problems
  • Could not stay focused at school – received poor grades
  • Became frustrated in his teens – was often irritable
  • Had to read sentences over and over again before he would remember
  • Felt like he was underperforming his capabilities
  • Wanted to improve his attention problems so he could be a better help to his father in running the family business

Training outcomes:

  • Saw big improvement at work and at school
  • Says his memory has especially has gotten better
  • Can feel his improved memory in all aspects of his life
  • No longer has to reread the same paragraph to remember the information
  • Received higher marks at school than before
  • Is able to help his father in the family business
*Photos above are not of the actual users whose experience we describe – we understand that poor working memory
is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
Out of respect for their privacy, we have kept the identities of these people anonymous.