Cognitive remediation in adolescent survivors of pediatric brain tumor

Institution: Vanderbilt University

Investigator(s): Dr. Bruce E. Compas, Dr. Sohee Park


• Establish the feasibility and initial efficacy of a computerized cognitive remediation training program for adolescent survivors of pediatric brain cancer that can be easily administered at home
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the computerized cognitive training program in enhancing cognition and brain activity in these participants and examine changes in social functioning over the course of the training period.

Population & Sample Size: N = 24 adolescent survivors of brain tumor, ages 11- 16 years
• n = 12 children in Cogmed RM followed wait
• n = 12 children in waitlist followed by Cogmed RM

Design: Randomized, controlled (cross over design)

T1= baseline, T2 = 5 week follow up, T3 = 10 week follow up, T4 = 15 week follow up

Program: Cogmed RM