Cogmed’s annual conference held February 10-11 in Tampa, FL

Posted: March 12, 2012 – The 2012 Cogmed Conference was held last month in Tampa, Florida. This conference is hosted every year as a gathering for all those involved with Cogmed Working Memory Training to share findings and experiences.

This year’s conference was attended by researchers and clinicians from all over the world. The sessions covered a wide variety of topics surrounding new research, clinical experience, and ongoing development.

For those who are already in the Cogmed network, we have made all the sessions available to view at – there you can also see summaries and presentations from years prior.

To see a quick overview of the presenters and topics for the 2012 Cogmed Conference, see below.

Day 1

  • Providing Working Memory Training in Private Practice – Janine Stasior, PhD & Michael McDowell, PhD
  • Practitioner in the School: Implementing Cogmed for Children with Language-Based Learning Disability – Grace Ashton, PhD
  • Going the Second Mile: Ensuring a Successful Cogmed Practice – Roberta Tsukahara, PhD
  • Future Directions for Working Memory Training – Torkel Klingberg, M.D., PhD
  • Cogmed Progress Indicator – The New Training Index? – Sissela Nutley, PhD
  • Cogmed Program Developments – Jonas Jendi
  • Component Analysis of Adaptive Working Memory Training: Targeting the Secondary Memory Component – Bradley Gibson, PhD
  • Cogmed Working Memory Training from Research to Practice – Practical Applications – William Benninger, PhD
  • The Refining Attention Memory and Parenting (RAMP) Study: Project Conceptualization and Methodology – Anne-Claude Bedard, PhD
  • Research on Cogmed in Dutch Children with Neuropsychiatric Disorders – Dorine Slaats, PhD
  • Day 2

  • Working Memory Training Studies from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Gro C.C. Lohaugen, PhD, Ms. Kristine Hermansen Grunewaldt, Ms. Ida Antonsen
  • Evaluating Working Memory Training for Children with Down Syndrome – Ms. Stephanie Bennett, M.Sc.
    Intervention for Working Memory Deficits for Children with Lead Poisoning (formal title TBD) – Teresa Holtrop, M.D.
  • Cogmed for Children with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Difficulties (formal title TBD) – Julie Hadwin, PhD
  • Training Adults with ADHD: Clinical Observations and Proposed Metacognitive-level Interventions – Tracy Ware, M.D.
  • NEARing Recovery: How to Enhance Cognition and Motivation in Schizophrenia – Alice Medalia, PhD
    Working Memory Training in Substance Abusers – Miriam Mintzer, PhD
  • Cognitive Training in Older Adults: Necessary Evil or Snake Oil? – Leon Hyer, PhD
  • How to Make Cogmed a Successful Part of your Practice – Marketing and Clinical Implementation – Mary Danielak, Psy.D.
  • Prerequisites for Successful Implementation of Cogmed in Clinical Practices: the Dutch Model – Berrie Gerrits, PhD
  • Business Strategy and Closing Remarks – Jonas Jendi