Cogmed unveils working memory training program for adults – Cogmed QM

Attention issues are a lifelong condition for many people. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reports that almost 50 percent of children with ADHD still have symptoms that require treatment in adulthood. For those with milder, but still significant attention challenges, the problems also often persist, going from school problems to professional obstacles.

Cogmed Working Memory Training has been used by adults for several years with great success. And research shows that adults of all ages can significantlty improve their working memory capacity through the Cogmed program.

With interest from adults growing worldwide, Cogmed is pleased to introduce a working memory training program designed specifically for adults – Cogmed QM. The new program is for anyone seriously constrained by poor working memory capacity. This includes a wide range from adults with ADD to those who struggle with attention due to a traumatic brain injury, such as stroke, or the effects of aging, but also for those with less dramatic but still relevant attention issues.

It’s our sincere hope that Cogmed QM will make a difference in the lives of many adults. For more information about Cogmed QM and Cogmed Working Memory Training for adults, please contact a Cogmed Qualified Practice.