Cogmed Training Method

Unique Cogmed coaching model ensures 90% completion rate

The Cogmed training method consists of 25 training sessions done online, each 30-45 minutes long (variations to that protocol are now fully available). Each session consists of a selection of various tasks that target the different aspects of working memory. The training is done online at home, in school, or at work. The standard program is five weeks long with five sessions every week, again now with variations available in beta. It is a rigorous program designed to improve working memory through intensive and systematic training.

The training is available through professional channels around the world. The training is always led by a Cogmed Qualified Coach who works with the user to provide structure, motivation, and feedback on the progress.

The program is challenging and rewarding, and for the best possible training effects, sustained effort is necessary. This is why there is always a Cogmed Qualified Coach involved. Cogmed has a proven track record of providing users with excellent support and results in all settings where Cogmed is available.

The complete program includes:

Initial Interview – All Cogmed providers provide screening to determine suitable users. The likelihood of him/her benefiting from the training is evaluated.

Start-up session – The Cogmed Coach plans and structures the training.

Weekly coach calls – The trainee goes through the training either at home, at school, or at work to get advice on how to get the most out of the training, hear feedback, and increase motivation.

Access to the Cogmed Coaching Center – Both the trainee and the Cogmed Coach review and monitor the results of each day’s training, using our online system.

Wrap-up session – After the training is completed, the Cogmed Coach summarizes the training together with the trainee and provides feedback data from rating scales and the Cogmed Coaching Center.

Six months follow-up interview – The Cogmed Coach documents training effects again, with more time elapsed and the effects fully emerged.