Cogmed partners with HappyMind to bring proven cognitive training program to Korea

Developers of attention tool will distribute Cogmed Working Memory Training through extensive medical and psychological network in South Korea.

Naperville, Ill., July 1, 2009 — Cogmed, a developer of software-based working memory training programs for kids and adults who want to improve attention, has announced a partnership with HappyMind ( to provide Cogmed’s programs throughout South Korea. HappyMind is a developer of CAT, a software testing program designed to identify weaknesses in attention and executive function, which is a collection of the brain’s organizing abilities used for shifting, planning and complex reasoning. The company will leverage its network of more than 90 medical and psychological practices to bring Cogmed training to a range of populations who need improved focus, including people with attention deficits, professionals struggling with information overload, and seniors experiencing mental decline.

Cogmed will work with HappyMind to translate the programs into Korean, maintaining the software’s patented, underlying algorithms and proven training methodology.

“Cogmed has received an excellent reception in both Japan and Singapore,” says Jones Jendi, President and CEO of Cogmed. “Our new partnership with HappyMind shows great promise and we are very pleased to continue expanding our presence in Asia.”

About Cogmed and working memory

Cogmed has made a breakthrough discovery that individuals can train and improve their working memory, a key function of the brain that allows individuals to store information for brief periods of time. Cogmed Working Memory Training helps people with attention problems improve focus. Through a combination of software-based working memory exercises and personal coaching, participants engage in a challenging computer program at home. More than 80 percent of those who have completed Cogmed’s rigorous and rewarding training have demonstrated tangible and lasting improvements. Cogmed’s program has been validated by high-impact research in controlled scientific studies at the Karolinska Institute, a world-renowned medical university based in Stockholm, Sweden. A leader in the emerging field of neurotechnology, Cogmed was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Naperville, Ill. Cogmed’s services are provided in North America by a growing network of more than 100 expert practices around the U.S and Canada.

About HappyMind
In 2008, Happymind launched the computerized Comprehensive Attention Test program (CAT) which is certified by Korean Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ( CAT evaluates selective attention, sustained attention, attentional capacity, and executive function.

Working closely with psychiatrists and psychologists, HappyMind has rapidly expanded across Korea and continues to grow. Over 90 sites in Korea are using the CAT program to evaluate the attention ability including working memory. Many major university hospitals, private clinics, and mental health community centers in Korea are in their network and CAT is also being used on several ongoing drug researches for ADHD children. The goal of the company is to make and to distribute good programs for evaluating and training the human brain so that it will be smarter and happier.