Cogmed Newsletter #5, September 2007

New study links academic performance and Cogmed Working Memory Train
A recent study sponsored by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and the Teachers College of Stockholm examined the effects of Cogmed Working Memory Training on the academic performance of school children.
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New Working Memory Web site features information and Video Game Challenge
Cogmed has launched About Working Memory (, an educational Website dedicated to raising awareness of working memory and its crucial role in the lives of people of all ages.
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Practitioner Profile: Dr. Stephen Bozylinski
Bozylinski has led more than 35 children through Cogmed Working Memory Training and reports a success rate near ninety percent based on not only self reported data but also on pre- and post-neuropsychological tests.
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Trainee Profile: Chicago area girl sees turnaround in academic performance, home life
For eight-year-old Becky Shulman of Northbrook, IL, math class was a daily problem that didn’t always add up. Diagnosed with ADHD in second grade, Becky struggled to focus her attention long enough to perform the mental steps necessary for solving seemingly simple math equations.
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Cogmed Working Memory Training for adults nears completion, launch
Cogmed Working Memory Training for adults has been in development for some time and is nearing completion. A previous version has been used successfully in Sweden for several years.
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Cogmed expands network of Qualified Practices
Cogmed is steadily growing its network of qualified practices in the U.S. and Canada . We recently welcomed new practices in RI, VA, WI, MI, TX, WA, IN and AZ in the U.S. , as well as practices in Ontario and BC in Canada.
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Dr. Torkel Klingberg describes the importance of working memory.
Working memory has been getting a lot of attention lately as it continues to be the subject of numerous scientific studies. In this brief video clip, Dr. Torkel Klingberg, Professor of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute and founder of Cogmed explains what working memory is.
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