Cogmed Newsletter #4, May 2007

Cogmed’s US Office Opened
In February, Cogmed officially opened its new U.S. headquarters on Fifth Avenue Station in downtown Naperville, IL. Cogmed has chosen the centrally located and vibrant Chicago area to expand its Working Memory Training program in the United States. The U.S. office is led by Cogmed’s chief executive officer Jonas Jendi.
Cogmed is now building a marketing, sales and account management team to support its network of qualified practitioners and grow consumer interest in Cogmed Working Memory Training.

Study Demonstrates Benefits of Cogmed Working Memory Training for Stroke Victims
In January 2007, a team of researchers sponsored by the Karolinska Institute published in Brain Injury the results of a study investigating the rehabilitative affects of working memory training on victims of traumatic brain injury, who often experience attention problems as a result of impaired working memory.
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Notre Dame’s Dr. Brad Gibson Unveils Further Analysis of His Pilot Study
Last month, Gibson unveiled further analysis of his research at the prestigious annual conference sponsored by the Center for Research in Child Development. Specifically, Gibson’s new analysis seeks to explain why symptoms of attention deficits decrease when working memory is improved.
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Research update
Harvard University: Dr. Enrico Mezzacappa has just a concluded a study at Harvard in which 8 children between first and fifth grade with symptoms of ADHD conducted Cogmed Working Memory Training…
New York University: An effort to complete a randomized clinical trial of 20 children with ADHD, sponsored by NYU, is past the midpoint…
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Interested in training for your child?
If you are interested in training for your child, please have a look at our website to find a Cogmed Qualified Practice that can provide you with further information. The program can be started and completed with or without an office visit.

Cogmed now available at 25 practices
Cogmed is steadily growing its network of qualified practices in the U.S. Already more than 25 practices offer Cogmed Working Memory Training from coast to coast.
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Trainee Profile:
Ohio college student sees professional benefits from Cogmed Working Memory Training.

Diagnosed with ADHD in the third grade, Chris would frequently lose his train of thought and forget to complete seemingly simple tasks.
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Practitioner Profile:
Dr. Barbara Ingersoll
Cogmed is fortunate to have one of the nation’s most well-respected experts on ADHD within its network. Dr. Barbara Ingersoll is the clinical director of Memory Plus Clinic in Bethesda, MD.
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Cogmed Video Channel
Want to learn more about Cogmed? Or, share information about Cogmed with others? Just click below to view the Cogmed Video Channel. There you’ll find in-depth interviews with CEO Jonas Jendi, Dr. Torkel Klingberg, Maria Andersson and other Cogmed executives.