Cogmed Newsletter #1, June, 2006

We are excited about the positive response from parents and clinicians in the US and are grateful for all the valuable feedback and ideas that so many of you have given us Now we are looking forward to introducing Cogmed Working Memory Training in the United States. Work in the United States will begin with a few select offices.

Cogmed programs now available in the first US offices
Cogmed is now offering Cogmed Working Memory Training through selected clinics and other training locations in the US. The first Clinics have been trained in Stockholm during March and April. They are all well-established practitioners, operating at the highest standards, with an outstanding track record in the treatment of attention difficulties in children.

The first sites where Cogmed has begun offering training are located in Ohio, California and Washington D.C. We are now in the process of making our programs available through clinics and private practitioners from around the US. As soon as a clinic or a training location is ready to work with families who want to help their child, we will contact families in the area who have expressed an interest.

Dr. Klingberg to speak at CHADD’s annual conference
Dr. Torkel Klingberg, brain scientist and co-founder of Cogmed, will present research on working memory training at CHADD’s annual conference in Chicago, October 28-29. Maria Andersson, licensed psychologist and head of training and impact at Cogmed, will present Cogmed’s work and the effects seen in daily life for the 1,000 children who have trained to date.

Cogmed will also present the RoboMemo software and the training procedures at the Innovative Programs section, where visitors are invited to try out the program for themselves. Please come and see us if you are planning on visiting the conference.

Research replication at US universities
Prominent academic institutions in the US, such as Stanford, Notre Dame and Children’s Hospital Boston are currently conducting research into the effects of working memory training. The research covers academic performance, the effects on executive functioning and self regulation. The research will be presented in peer-reviewed academic journals or academic conferences. Cogmed will keep everyone interested notified about such publications.

Dr. Barkley’s ADHD Report on working memory training
In the February issue of the ADHD Report, Russell Barkley, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading authorities on ADHD, presented an article by Torkel Klingberg about research on working memory training. Dr. Barkley also commented on Dr. Klingberg’s results and discussed their implications