Cogmed network gathers in Phoenix

The annual Cogmed conference was held in Phoenix, AZ in October, providing a forum for Cogmed practitioners to share ideas, experiences and best practices. With more than 60 members of the network in attendance, the event was a great success.

The conference program featured presentations from noted clinicians and researchers, including Cogmed co-founder Dr. Torkel Klingberg. Dr. Chris Lucas from New York University was also on hand to discuss his latest research findings, first presented at the American Psychiatry Association meeting this past spring. Dr. Lucas’ team studied the impact of Cogmed training on attendees of the NYU Summer Camp for children with ADHD. The results of the carefully designed research demonstrate significant behavioral improvements following the training. For more information on the presentations featured at the Cogmed annual conference, please contact Cogmed.

Cogmed enters American schools
One frequent topic of discussion at the Cogmed annual conference in October was the growing use of Cogmed Working Memory Training in the classroom. Several leading private schools around the country are already facilitating Cogmed training through Cogmed qualified practices. The training is a natural fit in the school setting because it helps students prepare for academic success and eases the burden on parents to fit the training into an already busy schedule. Cogmed has had great success administering to students in Sweden and many practices in the U.S. are eager to pursue this important channel to help kids who need to improve their focus.