Cogmed helped this man perform better at work, results remain after two years

Age: 42
Gender: Male
Location: Austin, Texas

Background: Prior to Cogmed training, this man from Austin had poor performance at a variety of jobs because of his attention and processing problems. It was hard for him to grasp new information and adjust quickly from one task to another, which prevented him from performing well at work. His attention problems made it difficult for him to hold down a steady job. While some job losses were lay-offs, it was not unusual for him to be targeted for the layoff because of his sub-par performance.

The man decided to go through the Cogmed training program to curb some of his attention problems. Below is a direct quote from him to the Cogmed Qualified Practitioner who provided him with the training soon after he completed the program.

“Wow – it finally kicked in (Cogmed). I’ve noticed a big difference in the last week – it really seems to be working! This past Saturday, I was able to go and do all my Christmas shopping and plan out my route in advance all in my head – and I didn’t forget the different places I needed to go to. So I was able to get everything done pretty quickly despite all the crowds at the shopping malls. On Sunday, for the first time, I took all the presents and got them actually wrapped in about an hour or so without putting it off – and everybody was really surprised because in the past I always just let [my wife] do all the Christmas shopping. On Wednesday, I cleaned up both the upstairs office and our bedroom and it didn’t even seem difficult, it was actually fun. [My wife] was shocked when she came home and saw that. On Thursday, I had a great day back at work, everything seemed to really click. Now for this weekend and the time around New Years, I’m hoping to get the garage totally cleaned up so I can put the car back in there! Just wanted to let you know that the Cogmed seems to be really working.”

The man wrote that two years ago and was recently contacted by the Cogmed Practitioner for a follow up. This is what he said about the benefits from Cogmed training two years after he went through the five week program.

“I have noticed that the Cogmed training results are continuing and I find that my ability to carry-out, keep track of, and complete complex tasks continues to improve. For example, I have had to learn a lot of new software applications lately and I have found that I’m able to learn them pretty quickly and most importantly, remember how to use what I learned the next day – and get faster and faster at completing the different updating tasks that I have to do.

Also, my focus and concentration continues to improve. For example, while I’m typing this e-mail to you I had somebody come by my desk and ask a question and somebody else ask a question on the IM Chat, and I was able to take care of those items and then pick right back up where I left off on this task without losing focus. Prior to Cogmed, I would have been so distracted by the interruptions that I would have forgotten what I was previously doing and lost momentum on the day’s work.”

This man’s story is a good example of how long lasting the effects of Cogmed training are.

Key challenges:

  • Had significant attention and processing problems
  • Had difficulty grasping new information and adjusting to changing situations
  • Could not keep a steady job because of his attention problems
  • Was easily distracted at work – would often lose his train of thought
  • Had trouble following multi-step instructions

Training outcomes:

  • Is able to stay much more focused at work
  • Saw improved concentration and focus
  • Follows detailed instructions much more easily
  • Doesn’t get distracted in the middle of a task
  • Can follow his projects through to completion
  • Continues to see improvements two years after training
*Photos above are not of the actual users whose experience we describe – we understand that poor working memory
is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
Out of respect for their privacy, we have kept the identities of these people anonymous.