How is Cogmed different from other cognitive training programs?

As recognition that intensive training can improve important cognitive functions like attention and working memory has increased, so has the number of cognitive training programs available to choose from.

How does Cogmed Working Memory Training differ from many of these other options? Here are some key factors:

1. Cogmed Working Memory Training was developed by a world-renowned neuroscientist.
Our program was developed by Dr. Torkel Klingberg, a neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden who has received wide spread recognition for his work. You can learn about Dr. Klingberg and his work by visiting his lab web site at

Dr. Klingberg remains actively involved with Cogmed helping us to further refine and develop the program and conducting ongoing research on its impact.

2. Cogmed Working Memory Training is supported by more published research than any other cognitive training program.
No other cognitive training program has the level of research support that backs Cogmed Working Memory Training.

Research supporting Cogmed’s program has been published in the world’s leading scientific journals after undergoing a rigorous peer-review process. Published studies include several randomized, placebo-controlled trials, a type of study considered the gold standard for evaluating treatment effectiveness.

Independent research groups that have no affiliation to Cogmed have also demonstrated the value of Cogmed’s program. No other program can make this claim.

You can review the existing research base on Cogmed here.

3. Cogmed Working Memory Training is only provided through a network of highly experienced physicians and psychologists.
The physicians and psychologists we select to offer our program are highly experienced in assisting children and adults with attention and working memory challenge. These highly experienced clinicians can identify when Cogmed Working Memory Training is an appropriate treatment option and provide a full range of evaluation and treatment services when it is not.

Many of our partner clinicians are leaders in their community for the treatment of ADHD and learning problems. Several have been elected to the CHADD Hall of Fame. CHADD is the national support organization for children and adults with ADHD and recognize scientists and clinicians whose contribution to the ADHD field warrants this honor.

You can find a complete listing of professionals who offer Cogmed Working Memory Training here

4. Cogmed Working Memory Training is the only cognitive training program to focus exclusively on training working memory, a critically important cognitive function.
Working memory is our ability to hold information in mind and to use that information in our thinking to perform tasks. It is essential for attention and focus and plays a critical role in children’s academic achievement.

Rather than training a wide array of abilities, the entire Cogmed program is focused on training this critical cognitive function. As noted above, the existing research indicates that this intensive focus is associated with meaningful improvements.

5. Cogmed does not make extravagant claims.
You will never hear Cogmed making claims about curing ADHD or eliminating working memory problems. You will not hear us say that it works for everyone because it does not. The claims we make are ones that are supported by the published research and by the results obtained by professionals around the world who use our program.

Based on this research and experience, we can confidently state that approximately 80% of individuals with attention and working memory problems who complete Cogmed training will experience meaningful benefits.