Boy with learning disability is able to read long books each week after Cogmed

Age: 12
Gender: Male
Location: South Bend, Indiana

Background: Diagnosed with a Learning Disability and ADHD, this young boy had significant trouble staying focused in the classroom and at home. The boy also had motor difficulties and was never able to sit still long enough to read or focus on his homework. The boy was a good candidate for Cogmed and experienced significant changes in his attention problems to the point where he could sit down and read more than he ever had before.

Key challenges:

  • Diagnosed with a learning disability and ADHD
  • Motor difficulties
  • Had problems organizing and planning
  • Could not initiate tasks or complete tasks independently
  • Could not sit still and do his homework

Training outcomes:

  • Was able to sit down and read 2 chapter books in 2 weeks – which had never happened before
  • Began to write his own stories without help
  • Does not get distracted as easily as before
  • Parents report that he his more mature, is able to complete tasks more easily
*Photos above are not of the actual users whose experience we describe – we understand that poor working memory
is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
Out of respect for their privacy, we have kept the identities of these people anonymous.