Boy studies for hours at night and remembers little the next day

Age: 12
Gender: Male
Location: Long Beach, California

Background: For this young boy, homework was a daily struggle that sometimes left the whole family in tears. Diagnosed with a mild case of ADHD, he struggled to retain information from one day to the next. “We’d study with him for hours for a simple vocabulary quiz the night before and he’d know them cold,” said the boy’s mom. “But then he’d take the quiz and get only a handful right. It was very tough to stay positive.”

Key challenges:

  • Struggled to remember the teachers instructions after he got home
  • Had trouble focusing on his homework
  • Could not remember what he had studied, even after hours of memorization
  • Caused stress for the entire family

Training outcomes:

  • Remembered homework assignments and completed them without prompting
  • Retained the information he studied
  • Was able to recall instructions from the teacher
  • Remembered what the teacher said in class and understood it after he got home
  • Began to ace tests at school
*Photos above are not of the actual users whose experience we describe – we understand that poor working memory
is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
Out of respect for their privacy, we have kept the identities of these people anonymous.