Boy improves reading fluency over 2 grade levels in one semester

Age: 8
Gender: Male
Location: Northern California

This young boy from Northern California had great difficulty remembering what he heard and could only follow one step instructions. As his principal said – “He consistently forgot to take his homework home and if he remembered to take his homework home, he would forget to bring it back – then, even if he remembered to bring it back, he would forget to turn it in”. The boy was disorganized and had a hard time starting and completing tasks. He was always misplacing his things and often talked in class, causing him to be disruptive throughout the day.

Because of his attention problems, the boy was at least a grade level behind his peers in reading fluency and comprehension, and was selected to go through the Cogmed training program.

His teacher first started to notice a change when the boy began completing and turning in assignments without being reminded. A couple months later, the teacher and the boy’s classmates noticed a big change in his reading fluency. One day after he finished reading a passage, a classmate said, “No offense, but you are so much better at reading now.”

The boy has continued to make great progress. His auditory memory has improved to the point where he can easily remember three step instructions. He has become much more organized and is able to begin and complete tasks without getting distracted or talking and being disruptive.

As the boy’s principal said – “His reading fluency improved 2.3 grade levels in 5 months – this far out paces the norm. His reading comprehension improved one grade level in this same period which still out paces the norm”.

His principal also noted during the training, that the boy got a 100% on a spelling test. When the principal asked if he thought that Cogmed training had anything to do with his success, he said, “Ya! I’ve never done that before. I didn’t even have to study – I just looked at the words and I knew them”.

Key challenges:

  • Had great difficulty remembering what he heard
  • Could only follow one step instructions
  • Consistently forgot about his homework
  • Was very disorganized and had a hard time getting started on tasks
  • Was disruptive in class
  • Was at least a grade level behind in reading fluency and comprehension

Training outcomes:

  • Turns in homework without being reminded
  • Improved auditory memory – can now follow multi-step instructions
  • Is much more organized – misplaces his things less
  • Does not talk in class – is much less disruptive
  • Reading comprehension improved over a full grade level in a semester
  • Reading fluency improved over two grades levels in a semester – far ahead of the norm
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is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
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