Both mother and teacher see “marked improvements” in young boy’s behavior

Age: 5
Gender: Male
Location: Northern California

This young boy had always struggled terribly to pay attention in class and to fit in socially. His school was part of a pilot program for Cogmed in school, and he was one of the 20 children recognized by the teachers to show working memory deficits.

He did not much appreciate the training during the intensive five weeks, but his special education specialist helped to bring him through all of it. The reward game at the end of each day’s training made the difference and was always a motivator. Together they worked every school day in a specially organized room, with five other children training at the same time, closely supervised by two adults.

After the training, his teacher and his mother reported marked improvements in his behavior; both in school and at home. His mother contacted the Cogmed coordinator in the school, very excited about the changes.

Key challenges:

  • Was diagnosed with a poor working memory
  • Struggled to pay attention in class
  • Had trouble fitting in socially
  • Would blame others for things he had done wrong
  • Sometimes would fight with other children

Training outcomes:

  • Can follow instructions in the class room
  • Is able accept responsibility for things he had done wrong
  • Is less destructive at home
  • Now plays nicely with the other children, with much less fighting going on
*Photos above are not of the actual users whose experience we describe – we understand that poor working memory
is often a hidden weakness that impacts people in a very personal way.
Out of respect for their privacy, we have kept the identities of these people anonymous.