ADHD research and Cogmed training

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Dr. Rabiner’s Attention Research Update

Cogmed Working Memory Training is built on a research breakthrough in the field of attention deficits. Working memory deficits are a core factor in ADHD symptoms, and the symptoms can be addressed by carefully designed and rigorous working memory training.

Our company was founded by leading neuroscientists specialized in attention. The training is implemented in different settings worldwide. In America, Cogmed is provided by experienced health care professionals in private practice and in schools.

If you are interested in learning more about how Cogmed training might help you or someone you know, learn the basics, attend a free webinar, or contact us directly.

If you are an educator interested in utilizing Cogmed’s solutions in your school, learn more here.

If you are a Licensed Clinical Psychologist or Medical Doctor in private practice interested in providing Cogmed training to your clients, please visit our health care professional page.

To see the list published and ongoing studies about Cogmed training, visit our research page.