Cogmed – an insightful discussion among coaches

Posted: January 25, 2010

A radio program called Attention Talk Radio, an Internet-based radio show, did a program about Cogmed Working Memory Training and how it is being used by health care professionals as a tool to curb problems related to attention. Ali Kaufman, a coach for Cogmed Qualified Practitioner, Dr. Judith Ramos in Boca Raton FL, discussed how she utilizes Cogmed training to change the fundamental processes of the brain for people who struggle with organization, concentration, and focus.

Kaufman says in the interview, “[Cogmed] is creating a better stamina for paying attention and it’s increasing the brain’s ability to do what it needs to do – it is building a better boundary to manage emotion and distraction, which is really what gets in the way for people who have some sort of attention issue.”

Ali Kaufman talked about the cognitive functions and strategies that are necessary for people to stay organized and on task. She also discussed the research behind Cogmed training, the specifics of how the training program works, and stories about clients who have done Cogmed training through her practice.

Click below listen to the program: