American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes Working Memory Training as Good Evidence-based intervention for ADHD

Posted: June 17, 2010The American Academy of Pediatrics recently announced a review of existing interventions in the field of children’s mental health. The Academy represents America’s 60,000 pediatricians and provides them with guidelines to help them better serve their young patients. The information on the best interventions in the field of mental health was recently updated.

The Academy now makes clear that working memory training is recognized as a good evidence-based intervention for ADHD. We consider this a good step forward in understanding what Cogmed Working Memory Training represents as a serious, proven intervention for ADHD and learning disabilities. Cogmed and the field of evidence-based cognitive training are gradually getting the recognition our research and our track record merits.

We will now work with the leading pediatricians in our network of practices, to expand on this and reach and educate more American pediatricians about the importance of working memory and the benefits of Cogmed Working Memory Training.

The table summarizing the guidelines is found here.