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Is your child exhibiting a range of behavioral problems including oppositional or defiant behaviors, disobeys authority figures, impulsivity, poor attention span, or anxious behavior? ADD Health and Wellness Centers can help with its new Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy is a new evidence-based treatment model that provides superior treatment outcomes and has been researched and compared to other treatment models as an excellent way to actively involve parents/caretakers in the treatment process. The live-coached and step-by-step sessions are used to teach parents and caregivers specific behaviors and skills while interacting with their child. Treatment can be administered through the use of a transmitter-receiver system in which the therapist communicates real-time with the parent while the parent is interacting with the child, or through the typical in-room therapist-patient interaction model.

Jim Zettel Ph.D.

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