Our philosophy is based on the belief that each student enrolled at AIM has the capacity to achieve academic success and to realize individual learning potential. Our experienced and committed educators are responsible for seeking out the routes by which each child learns, discovering strengths and interests, and exploring research-based techniques until the student achieves academic progress. In this way, each child is taught through his or her unique style of learning. The current research and practice in learning disabilities provides the promise that each child can learn.

AIM is committed to developing a sense of inquiry and love of learning in each student. We focus on remediating the areas of reading, oral and written language, math and motor skills. Social studies and humanities are taught through a unique program incorporating art, music, drama and hands-on learning experiences. Our young people must also learn to function effectively in society through tailored social pragmatics and an understanding of how they best learn. Knowing the appropriate behavior in a given situation, knowing how to approach the unknown, knowing how to interact with other people constitute critical success skills that must be taught. All students are being prepared for return to the mainstream, be it in three, five, or more years. When the job is done, we know they will succeed! The focus of the high school is to prepare students for higher education, and to assist them to acquire the necessary 21st century workforce skills of problem solving, inquiry, and collaboration.

The quality of the staff that puts our philosophy into practice has to be extraordinarily high. AIM prides itself on its top quality staff, unusually talented teachers who respect and deeply care for their students. Related services staff members (occupational therapists, speech/language therapists, and psychologists) are an integral part of the academic team. There is an ongoing commitment to teacher training and advanced professional development in research-based curricula and programs. All teachers are certified in their unique areas of expertise.

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