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Taking working memory training from the laboratory into schools


Publication: Educational Psychology Institution: MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit (Cambridge) Investigator(s): Joni Holmes, Ph.D., Susan E. Gathercole, Ph.D. Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Poor working memory (WM) is commonly observed in children with educational underachievement. A large proportion of children with low WM fail to meet expected standards for either math, reading, or […]

Computerized memory training leads to sustained improvement in visuospatial short-term memory skills in children with Down Syndrome


Publication: American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Institution: University of Portsmouth, Down Syndrome Education International,MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit (Cambridge) Investigator(s): Stephanie J. Bennett, Ph.D., Joni Holmes, Ph.D., Sue Buckley, Ph.D Program: Cogmed JM Background & Aim: Down syndrome (DS) affects 1 in 690 live births. It is estimated that 83,400 children and […]

Working memory training improves cognitive function in VLBW preschoolers


Publication: Pediatrics Institution: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, St. Olav University Hospital, Sørlandet Hospital Investigator(s): Kristine Hermansen Grunewaldt, M.D., Gro Christine Løhaugen, Ph.D., Dordi Austeng, M.D., Ph.D., Ann- Mari Brubakk, M.D., Ph.D., & John Skranes, M.D., Ph.D. Program: Cogmed JM Background & Aim: Children born early can be characterized by as preterm (gestational age

Working memory training in survivors of pediatric cancer: A randomized pilot study


Publication: Psycho-Oncology Institution: Children’s National Medical Center, George Washington School of Medicine, Duke University Investigator(s): Kristina K. Hardy, Victoria W. Willard, Taryn M. Allen, and Melanie J. Bonner Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Brain tumor and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) survivors are at increased risk for developing neurocognitive late effects such as difficulties with […]

Effects of a computerized working memory training program on working memory, attention, and academics in adolescents with severe LD and comorbid ADHD; a randomized controlled trial


Publication: The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry Institution: University of Toronto, SickKids Hospital, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) Toronto Investigator(s): Sarah A. Gray, Peter Chaban, Rhonda Martinussen, Rachel Goldberg, Howell Gotlieb, Reena Kronitz, M. Hockenberry, & Rosemary Tannock Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Working memory (WM) is below average in populations with co-occurring learning […]