Reading List

Here are some additional resources that we encourage you to consult if you are interested in learning more about Cogmed, working memory, neuroplasticity, and the field of evidence-based cognitive training. The Overflowing Brain: Information Overload and the Limits of Working Memory - Torkel Klingberg, M.D. Ph.D. The Brain that Changes Itself - Norman Doidge, M.D. - Brain Fitness and Cognitive Health Authority: Market Research and Advisory Services Working Memory and Learning: A Practical Guide for Teachers - Susan E. Gathercole, Ph.D. and Tracy Packiam Alloway, Ph.D. Daredevils and Daydreamers: New Perspectives on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - Barbara Ingersoll, Ph.D. Attention Deficit Disorder and Learning Disabilities: Realities, Myths, and Controversial Treatments - Barbara Ingersoll, Ph.D.