Ongoing Research


OngoingUniversity of East AngliaAdlamChildren w/ ABIWorking memory training (Cogmed RM) following paediatric acquired brain injury:a pilot studyCogmed RM
OngoingPrague Psychiatric CenterPreiss & CeplovaChildrenComparison between two differently oriented trainings in their effect on working memory and primary mental abilities in healthy children and children with ADHD symptomsCogmed RM
OngoingUniversitŽ Paris Ouest Nanterre La DŽfenseDentz, Romo, Guay, & Parent ChildrenWorking memory training in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a randomized controlled, pilot studyCogmed RM
OngoingUniversidad Nacional de San MartinSimianChildrenWorking memory training in a Latin American social contextCogmed RM
OngoingRIAGG MaastrichtMurrisChildrenThe efficacy of a working memory training, pharmacotherapy, or a combination of these treatments for children with ADHDCogmed RM
OngoingFundacion University Hospital Mutua de TerrassaHervas & BigorraChildrenEffectiveness of a training program on working memory in children Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A randomized clinical trialCogmed RM
OngoingKarakter UniversitySlaatsChildrenWorking memory training: A randomized controlled treatment study in young ADHD childrenCogmed JM
OngoingUniversity of California, DavisSchweitzerChildrenA comparison between parent training and computerized cognitive training on academic readiness skills and parent-child relationships in ADHDCogmed RM
OngoingMeerkanten GGZVollemaChildren/AdolescentsWorking memory training for children with ADHDCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of AlabamaJarrettChildren w/ ADHD & AnxietyA study of children with co-morbid ADHD and anxiety using Cogmed RM and EEGCogmed RM
OngoingThe BasculeBeerninkChildrenWorking memory training for clinically referred school age children with ADHD: better performance in the classroom?Cogmed RM
OngoingOhio State UniversityBeck & BenningerChildren/Adolescents w/ ADHD/LDA blinded active placebo controlled trial of working memory training for children and adolescents with ADHD, reading comprehension problems and executive function difficultiesCogmed RM
OngoingHamad Hospital School Health Specialist ClinicBradshawChildren/AdolescentsPrevalence and management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) among Qatari studentsCogmed RM
OngoingGeorge Washington UniversityHeishmanChildrenExamination of the effectiveness of computerized working memory training on math achievement and other untrained tasks in children with ADHDCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of SouthamptonHadwinChildren w/ AnxietyAnxiety and educational achievement: An intervention studyCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of California, Davis SchweitzerChildren w/ AutismIdentifying markers for treatment response to cognitive training in Autism Spectrum DisordersCogmed RM/JM
OngoingUniversity of Illinois, ChicagoPassarottiBipolar ChildrenWorking memory training in adolescents with pediatric bipolar disorderCogmed JM
OngoingFlorida International UniversityGrazianoChildren w/ Behavioral Problems (At Risk)Development of a kindergarten transitional program for preschool students identified as being at high-risk for behavioral disordersCogmed JM
OngoingKarakter UniversitySlaatsChildren w/ Borderline Intellecutal FunctioningWorking memory training in children with neuropsychiatric disorders and borderline intellectual functioningCogmed RM
OngoingChildren’s National Medical CenterHardyChildren w/Brain TumorChildren with brain tumor receiving cranial radiation therapy Рmultisite, RCTCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of Surrey & Royal Marsden HospitalHenning-Pugh & EdwardsChildren w/Brain TumorDevelopment and implementation of a neuro-cognitive Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) for young brain tumour survivors: a case seriesCogmed RM
OngoingChildren’s National Medical CenterHardyChildren w/ CancerFeasibility of Cogmed for children currently undergoing cancer treatmentCogmed RM
OngoingS¿rlandet HospitalL¿haugenChildren w/ Cerebral PalsyNeuropsychological status and effect of cognitive training in children with cerebral palsy (CP)Cogmed JM
OngoingRadboud UniversityWaldaChildren w/ DyselxiaWorking-memory training in dyslexic childrenCogmed RM
OngoingNew York UniversityMacAllisterChildren/Adolescents w/ EpilepsyA study of a working memory rehabilitation program for children with epilepsyCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of California, DavisHesslFragile XCognitive training for Fragile X SyndromeCogmed JM
OngoingUniversity of California, DavisSchweitzerFragile XFeasibility study of computerized working memory training in Fragile X syndromeCogmed JM
OngoingWayne State UniversityChiodoChildren w/ Fetal Alcohol SyndromeCogmed for children born with Fetal Alcohol SyndromeCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of AlbertaPeiChildren w/ Fetal Alcohol SyndromeWorking Memory Training: Impacts on FASD and Preterm ChildrenCogmed RM
OngoingWayne State UniversityHoltropChildren w/ Lead poisoningWorking memory intervention with lead poisoned elementary school childrenComged RM
OngoingUniversity of Pune, Jnana PrabodhiniÕs Institute of Psychology DeshmukhChildren w/ LD - MathCogmed for children at risk for poor math acheivement in IndiaCogmed RM
OngoingLoyola Marymount UniversityFoyChildren w/ LD - ReadingEffects on early reading and executive function of adding working memory training to early reading intervention in at-risk kindergartenersCogmed RM
OngoingThe University of OxfordBaileyChildren w/ Low WMInfluence of working memory training on maths attainment in primary school childrenCogmed RM
OngoingRoyal Children's HospitalRobertsChildren w/ Low WMCan improving working memory prevent academic difficulties? A school based randomised controlled trialCogmed RM
OngoingYork UniversityTillChildren w/ Multiple SclerosisWorking memory training in pediatric-onset Multiple Sclerosis patientsCogmed RM
OngoingChildren’s National Medical CenterHardyChildren w/ Neurofibromatosis Type 1Computerized cognitive training for children with Neurofibromatosis type 1Cogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of Hawaii - Norwegian Institute of Science and TechnologyChang & SkranesChildren w/ Prenatal Drug ExposureEffect of WM training on higher order cognitive functions and brain MRI findings in children exposed to drugs in the prenatal environmentCogmed RM
OngoingMurdoch Research InstituteAndersonPreterm ChildrenPreventing academic difficulties in preterm children: A randomized controlled trial of an adaptive working memory training intervention -IMPRINT studyCogmed RM
OngoingMcMaster UniversityHallPreterm/Typical Children and AdultsNeuroplastic brain changes in children and adultsCogmed RM
OngoingMurdoch UniversityReid & AndersonPreterm ChildrenEffects of Brain Training on Fluid Intelligence in Intrauterine Growth Restricted and Non-Intrauterine Growth Restricted Preterm ChildrenCogmed RM
OngoingDuke UniversityBonnerChildren w/ Sickle Cell DiseaseComputerized Cognitive Training for Children with Sickle Cell Disease: A Pilot StudyCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of Western OntarioArchibaldChildren w/ SLILanguage and working memory intervention in school age childrenCogmed RM
OngoingGreat Ormond Street HospitalMurphyChildren w/ StrokeA working memory intervention for children following ischaemic childhood strokeCogmed RM
OngoingUCLAAsarnow & deBoard MarionChildren w/ TBIAugmentation of ognitive training in children with TBI with D-CycloserineCogmed RM
OngoingKessler Foundation - Children Specialized HospitalChiaravallotiChildren w/ TBICogmed to improve working memory abilities in children with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)Cogmed RM/QM
OngoingUniversity of East AngliaAdlamChildren w/ TBIComputerised training of working memory (Cogmed RM) in children who have survived a traumatic brain injury: A phase II randomised controlled trialCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of SydneyLahChildren w/ TBIComputerized cognitive rehabilitation of working memory for children who have sustained traumatic brain injury: A single-blind randomised controlled trialCogmed RM
OngoingJohannes Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany), University of ZurichMŸllerChildrenKIDS-WIN: Randomized, controlled, school-based research using Cogmed Working Memory Training for German children Cogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of SouthamptonHadwin & WalkerChildrenUnderstanding pathways to maths achievement in year nine pupils: An exploration of working memory and metacognitive skillsCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of OttowaFlynn & HickeyChildrenImpact of Cogmed and Kumon math tutoring for children in foster careCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of North CarolinaShortChildrenMagnitude and location of experience-induced structural changes in the brain of young children resulting from Cogmed trainingCogmed RM
OngoingCambridge UniversityAstleChildren/AdultsWhy memory fails: Understanding the reasons for low working-memory capacity in typically developing children and adultsCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of AmsterdamPietersChildren/AdolescentsAdolescence, sleep and substance use, toward a better understanding and integrated interventionsCogmed RM


OngoingUniversity de LausanneBaderAdolescents/Adults w/ ADHDCognitive remediation, executive functions deficit and functional brain imaging of adolescents and adults with ADHDCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of Notre DameGibson & GondoliAdolescents w/ ADHDCombined working memory and parenting intervention for adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivityCogmed RM
OngoingFundaci— Joan Costa RomaGaroleraAdults w/ ADHDEfficacy of a computerized training of working memory in adults with ADHDCogmed QM
OngoingUniversity of TorontoTannockAdults w/ ADHDWorking memory training in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Neural mechanisms of changeCogmed RM
OngoingUniversitŽ Paris Ouest Nanterre La DŽfenseDentz, Romo, Guay, & Parent Adults w/ ADHDWorking memory training in adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a randomized controlled, pilot studyCogmed RM
OngoingVirginia Tech Carilion Research InstituteBickelAdults w/ Alcohol DependenceThe repair of self-control in alcohol dependence: Working memory and real time fRMICogmed RM
OngoingKarolinska InstituteJayaram-Lindstršm & KhemiriAdults w/ Alcohol Use DisorderThe effect of cognitive training on alcohol consumption, cognition and craving in alcohol use disordersCogmed QM
OngoingUniversity of Illinois, ChicagoPassarottiBipolar AdolescentsWorking memory training in adolescents with pediatric bipolar disorderCogmed RM
OngoingVanderbilt UniversityCompasAdolescents w/ CancerCognitive remediation in adolescent survivors of pediatric brain tumorCogmed RM
OngoingMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterRyanAdults w/ CancerRehabilitation of cognitive changes in breast cancer survivorsCogmed QM
OngoingOxford UniversityMannieAdolescents w/ Depression RiskImpact of Cogmed Working Memory Training on adolescents at risk for depressionCogmed RM
OngoingDartmouth CollegeStanger & BudneyAdolescents w/ Diabetes (Type I)Cogmed plus motivation and incentive interventions for adolescents with Type I DiabetesCogmed RM
OngoingDuke UniversityHeller & BhavaniAdults w/ Down Syndrome A non-drug, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy of a computer-based program to improve working memory in adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome. Cogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of NottinghamHenshawAdults w/ HearingTraining effects for audition, cognition and hearing Ð Study 2 (TEACH2)Cogmed QM
OngoingUniversity of the WitwatersrandCorreia & MsimangaAdults w/HIVThe effects of working memory training on adults living with HIVCogmed QM
OngoingUniversity of Hawaii - Norwegian Institute of Science and TechnologyChang & SkranesAdults w/ HIVCogmed for adults with cognitive deficits associated with HIVCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of AmsterdamSmit & de JongAdolescents w/ Low IQEnhancing working memory and intelligence in children at-risk for school dropoutCogmed RM
OngoingFukuoka University, Saga UniversityHayashi & TanakaLanguage (EFL)The differential impact of Cogmed, language instruction, and combined Cogmed and language instruction for Japanese high school and college students with English as a foreign language.Cogmed QM
OngoingBond UniversitySaundersAdults w/ MCIAssessment and comparison of improvement in working memory of elderly people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) after neuromodulation trainingCogmed QM
OngoingRadboud UniversityClaasen & KesselsAdults w/ MCIEffects of working-memory training on prefrontal recruitment in healthy elderly and Mild Cognitive Impairment patientsCogmed QM
OngoingS¿rlandet HospitalL¿haugenAdults w/ MCIMemory Aid Ð Computer Based Working Memory Training in Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). A Randomized, Controlled TrialCogmed QM
OngoingYork University (Canada)TillAdolescents w/ Multiple SclerosisWorking memory training in pediatric-onset Multiple Sclerosis patientsCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of the WitwatersrandCorreia & BarberisAdults w/ SchizophreniaThe effects of working memory training on adults with SchizophreniaCogmed QM
OngoingColumbia UniversityMedaliaAdults w/ SchizophreniaCognitive remediation in adults with SchizophreniaCogmed RM/QM
OngoingKantonsspitalMuellerAdults w/ StrokeStress management post acute coronary syndrome: Efficacy of a multimodular stress management programCogmed RM
OngoingJohns Hopkins UniversityJohnsonAdolescents w/ Substance Use DisorderCognitive Impairment in adolescents with substance use disordersCogmed RM
OngoingKessler Foundation - Children Specialized HospitalChiaravallotiAdults w/ TBICogmed to improve working memory abilities in adults with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)Cogmed RM/QM
OngoingTexas State UniversityEthertonAdultsImpact of variation working memory training schedules on typical undergraduate studentsCogmed RM
OngoingUniversity of Guelph, University of WaterlooToman & SpenceAdultsWorking memory training to enhance cognitive performance in a corporate settingCogmed RM/QM
OngoingQueens UniversityJohnsrude & HamiltonAdultsDoes Cogmed training improve the intelligibility of speech in noise, when materials are predicted to load highly on working memory?Cogmed RM/QM
OngoingMaastricht UniversityPondsAdultsDoes working memory training improve the performance in professional football players?Cogmed RM
OngoingCardiff UniversityMetzler-Baddeley & JonesAdultsTraining related changes in cognitive abilities and neural plasticityCogmed RM
OngoingLinneaus University & Harvard UniversityGrimes & DafnerAdultsSuccessful aging after 65: Effects of environmental stimulation on cognitive health and neural plasticityCogmed QM


Please note that for studies listed here, data collection is complete and presentations may have been given but, no peer reviewed publication has been released.

Age Group
CompletedReid, Anderson, & BaylissUniversity of Western AustraliaChildrenDiabetes, PretermUntangling the neurodevelopmental aetiologies and sequalae of prenatal risk, illness, and injury in childhoodCogmed RM
PresentedCarlson-GreeneChildrenÕs Hospitals & Clinics of MinnesotaChildren/AdolescentsCancerA home based computerized working memory intervention for childhood brain tumor survivorsCogmed RM
CompletedDeBoard-MarionTravis Research InstituteChildrenADHDNeuropsychological and virtual classroom performance in children with learning and attention problems: The effectiveness of working memory trainingCogmed RM
CompletedHervas ZunigaUniversity Hospital Mutua de TerrassaChildrenADHDEfficacy of working memory training for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Cogmed RM
CompletedLucasNew York UniversityChildrenADHDA randomized controlled trial of two forms of computerized WM training in ADHDCogmed RM
CompletedWecksteinNorthern Michigan Psychiatric ServicesChildren/AdolescentsAutismA retrospective chart analysis with follow up of Cogmed Working Memory Training in children within the Autistic SpectrumCogmed RM
CompletedWesterbergKarolinska InstituteChildrenEpilepsyCombined cognitive testing and EEG recording before and after working memory training om children with epilepsy - a randomized placebo controlled triallCogmed RM
PresentedBerlChildrenÕs National Medical CenterChildrenEpilepsyThe impact of a home-based, computerized cognitive intervention on working memory in children with pediatric epilepsy Cogmed RM
PresentedWoodinMiami UniversityChildrenMath LDThe effect of computerized cognitive training on WM and the mathematical skill performance of inner-city children with mathematical learning disabilitiesCogmed RM
CompletedShavelsonStanfordAdolescentsTypicalImpact of Cogmed on adolescent studentsCogmed RM
PresentedKronenbergerIndiana UniversityAdultsTypicalEffects of videogame play on executive functioning in young adult males: A randomized controlled trialCogmed RM
CompletedStevensHartford HospitalChildrenADHDCogmed for adolescents with ADHD
SubmittedFoyLoyola Marymount UniversityChildrenTypicalEffect of WM training on development of early literacy skills in economically disadvantaged at-risk kindergartnersCogmed JM
Presented/SubmittedFoyLoyola Marymount UniversityChildrenLD - ReadingDoes timing of Cogmed training affect cognitive, academic, and behavioral outcomes in kindergartneners at risk for learning problems? Cogmed RM
CompletedOsborneCapella UniversityAdultsADHDThe effects of working memory training on adult ADHD symptomsCogmed RM
CompletedMintzerJohns Hopkins UniversityAdultsFormer Drug UsersFeasibility and efficacy of Cogmed training in former drug abusersCogmed QM
SubmittedHyerGeorgia Neurosurgical InstituteAdultsMCICognitive Program to Improve Working Memory in Older Adults with MCICogmed QM
CompletedGibsonUniversity of Notre DameAdultsTypicalDeveloping an Adaptive Training Intervention that can Target the Secondary Memory Component of Working MemoryCogmed RM
CancelledPorterMacquarie UniversityChildrenABIEfficacy of attention interventions for children with acquired brain injury: A case seriesCogmed RM