Ohio State studies working memory training for kids and teens with ADHD

Research institution: Ohio State University Research Title: A Controlled Trial of Working Memory Training for Children and Adolescents with ADHD Researchers: Steven J. Beck, Ph.D, William Benninger, Steven C. Guy, Ph.D. Training program used in research: Cogmed RM Presented: CHADD 2008, Anaheim, CA. No results presented here, pending publication. Abstract Background: Many children with ADHD have a deficit in Working Memory (WM). Recent studies found that intensive WM training improved WM capacity and ADHD symptoms. Method Fifty-two children, ages 7-17, with ADHD were randomly assigned to receive WM training or no training. The computer based WM training included 25 sessions completed in about 6 weeks, with each session taking 30-40 minutes. Each session included eight verbal and visual spatial WM exercises, each with fifteen trials. Pre and post assessments included the parent and teacher forms of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF) and the Conners’ Rating Scale-Revised, Short Form (CRS-R:S). Results Submitted for publication. Conclusions Submitted for publication.