Cogmed Webinar Speaker Series

Featured Recorded Event:

Presented by: Torkel Klingberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Webinar Description: Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in our knowledge of how the child brain develops and learns. Despite this, there is not much interaction between education and cognitive neuroscience. Combining these disciplines, as well as other research areas, could lead to a new science of learning.

One particularly interesting subject is “working memory”—our ability to concentrate and to keep relevant information in our head while ignoring distractions. Research shows enormous variation in working memory among children, with some ten-year-olds performing at the level of a fourteen-year-old, others at that of a six-year-old. More important, children with high working memory have better math and reading skills, while children with poor working memory consistently under-perform. Interestingly, teachers tend to perceive children with poor working memory as dreamy or unfocused, not recognizing that these children have a memory problem. But what can we do for these children? Please attend our free webinar to hear the latest thoughts.

Learning objectives:

– How does working memory impact student performance in school?
– What variables have the most impact on working memory?
– What are the effects of cardiovascular training on working memory?
– Does an enriched environment make a difference for working memory function?



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