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Cogmed Arbetsminnesträning


Beskrivning Cogmed Arbetsminnesträning kan användas av alla som vill träna upp sin koncentrationsförmåga. Det är ett webbaserat träningsprogram och kan därför användas i den miljö som passar bäst. Träningen består av vetenskapligt beprövade övningar som utförs under en intensiv träningsperiod. Svårighetsnivån i övningarna anpassas kontinuerligt till varje individ, och utmanar hela tiden den övre gränsen […]

Cogmed Conference 2013 Supporting Materials


Cogmed Conference 2013 Supporting Materials             Cogmed Claims & Evidence Download PDF Published Research Table Download PDF AWMA 2 Fact Sheet Download PDF             AWMA 2 Report Download PDF WISC IV Equivalency Download PDF WAIS IV Equivalency Download PDF             […]

Setting the Record Straight


Below are the links to several documents that explain the research case for Cogmed Working Memory Training. Research on Cogmed is by far the most substantial with the best demonstrated results of any cognitive training program. The data consistently shows that various populations with poor working memory were able to improve their working memory capacity, […]

Published Research


Peer-reviewed Research Supports The Claims Made By Cogmed Cogmed improves working memory and attention in daily life. Click the image to the right to read the peer-reviewed published review. The below table includes all of the studies that validate SOLELY the Cogmed Working Memory Training program and that have appeared in peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Several […]

Response to NY article


In response to a recent blog posting in the New Yorker (April 5, 2013) which inaccurately characterized the state of Cogmed’s research, we have created the following response: Click here to download

Cognitive remediation in adults with Schizophrenia


Institution: Columbia University Investigator(s): Alice Medalia Program: Cogmed RM/ Cogmed QM Background & Aim: The purpose of this research is to investigate the acceptability, tolerability and appropriateness of difficulty level of Cogmed RM and Cogmed QM in adults with psychotic disorders and within the framework of the NEAR model. Population & Sample Size: Adults with […]

Effects of working-memory training on prefrontal recruitment in healthy elderly and Mild Cognitive Impairment patients


Institution: Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre Investigator(s): Jurgen Claassen, Roy Kessels, Anouk Vermeij Program: Cogmed QM Background & Aim: Age-related decline in cognitive function and brain structure may to some extent be compensated by the recruitment of additional neural resources during cognitive performance (e.g. Park and Reuter-Lorenz, 2009). Working memory, i.e. the ability to keep […]

Assessment and comparison of improvement in working memory of elderly people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) after neuromodulation training


Institution: Bond University Investigator(s): Nerida Saunders , Bulent Turman Program: Cogmed QM Background & Aim: Impairment in memory has long been accepted as a normal part of aging. However, persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) experience a greater level of memory loss than that normally experienced with aging, but without other signs of dementia. Recent […]

Enhancing working memory and intelligence in children at-risk for school dropout


Institution: University of Amsterdam Investigator(s): P.F. de Jong, Linda A. Smit Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Adolescents with lower IQ often have many behavior and learning problems in school resulting in an increased risk for drop out from school. The low IQ of these children is often accompanied with problems in working memory (WM) […]

Evaluation of Cogmed RM Working Memory Training to Improve Cognition, Speech Perception and Self-Reported Hearing Abilities of Adult Hearing Aid Users


Institution: University of Nottingham Investigator(s): Helen Henshaw, Melanie Ferguson Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: One in ten people aged between 55-74 years have a significant hearing impairment in their better hearing ear (as defined by audiometric hearing thresholds). However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the challenges faced by older listeners cannot be explained […]

Cogmed plus motivation and incentive interventions for adolescents with Type I Diabetes


Institution: Darmouth College Investigator(s): Catherine Stanger, Alan Budney, Samuel J. Casella, Robert Roth, Craig Donnelly, Lisa Marsch, Judith Long Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Type 1 diabetes in adolescents is a significant medical condition that is increasing in incidence, is associated with high economic costs, and can contribute to increased mortality when not properly […]

Working memory training in adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a randomized controlled, pilot study


Institution: Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Université du Québec à Montréal, CMME, Hôpital Sainte-Anne Investigator(s): Amélie Dentz, Lucia Romo, Marie-Claude Guay, Véronique Parent, Philip Gorwood, Véronique Gaillac Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Fifty to seventy percent of ADHD children will have symptoms that persist into adulthood (Barkley, Murphy, & Fischer, 2008). The estimated […]