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Boy improves reading fluency over 2 grade levels in one semester


Age: 8 Gender: Male Location: Northern California Background: This young boy from Northern California had great difficulty remembering what he heard and could only follow one step instructions. As his principal said – “He consistently forgot to take his homework home and if he remembered to take his homework home, he would forget to bring […]

Tekenen van een niet goed functionerend werkgeheugen


Leeftijd Werkgeheugen is cruciaal voor: Tekenen dat het werkgeheugen training nodig heeft: 0-4 Alfabet leren Concentreren op korte instructies zoals ’kom en poets je tanden’ Op de plaats blijven zitten voor het afmaken van verschillende dingen zoals een puzzel Lijkt het alfabet en getallen niet te willen of kunnen leren Kan zich niet lang genoeg […]

Vragenlijst Cogmed Werkgeheugen


De volgende lijsten kunnen gebruikt worden door professionals ter ondersteuning van het besluit of een kind wel of geen goede kandidaat is voor het Cogmed Werkgeheugen Trainingsprogramma. Mededeling: de concentratieproblemen bij kinderen zijn zelden exact hetzelfde. Daarom is het aannemelijk dat u niet alle beweringen met JA kunt beantwoorden. Echter, als u een aantal maal […]

Young man from Hong Kong improves both working memory and long term memory


Age: 21 Gender: Male Location: Hong Kong Background: This young adult from Hong Kong was about to graduate college and although he had done fairly well in school, he felt he was not achieving his full potential because of an inability to focus. His friends complained that it was difficult to communicate with him as […]

American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes Working Memory Training as Good Evidence-based intervention for ADHD


Posted: June 17, 2010 - The American Academy of Pediatrics recently announced a review of existing interventions in the field of children’s mental health. The Academy represents America’s 60,000 pediatricians and provides them with guidelines to help them better serve their young patients. The information on the best interventions in the field of mental health was recently updated.

Stress management post acute coronary syndrome – efficiency of a multimodular stress management program


Research institution: Gehirn- und Traumastiftung Graubünden/Kantonsspital Chur Researchers: Dr. Andreas Müller Training program used in research: Cogmed RM Status: Ongoing Summary In Switzerland, after acute coronary events, patients usually undergo a 9 – 12 week outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program (CR). Cardiac rehabilitation aims to improve physical fitness and to reduce psychological distress, besides other somatic […]

Feasibility and outcomes of a home-based computerized cognitive training intervention for childhood brain tumor survivors


Research institution: Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota Investigator(s): Dr. Bonnie Carlson-Greene, Dr. Anne Bendel, Meixia Liu Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Treatment for childhood brain tumor, including surgery, cranial radiation therapy (CRT) and chemotherapy can have deleterious effects on the developing brain. Particularly, deficits in working memory (WM) and attention brought about by […]

Effect of WM training on higher order cognitive functions and brain MRI findings in children exposed to drugs in the prenatal environment


Institution: University of Hawaii and Norwegian University of Science and Technology Investigator(s): Dr. Linda Chang, Dr. Jon Skranes Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Methamphetamine (Meth), an addictive stimulant drug that is similar in structure to amphetamine is second only to alcohol and marihuana as the drug used most frequently in many Western and Midwestern […]

The effect of computerized cognitive training on working memory and mathematical skill performance of inner-city children with mathematical learning disabilities


Research institution: Miami University Researchers: Michael Woodin Training program used in research: Cogmed RM Status: Ongoing Aim The present study seeks to complement and extend research by Holmes et al. (2009) by reexamining the effects of Cogmed Working Memory Training on three groups of students, similar in poor working memory performance, but different in mathematical […]

Working memory training for clinically referred school age children with cognitive and learning disabilities


Institution: de Bascule Investigator(s): Dr. Anne-Claire Beernink, Marthe van der Donk Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Research shows that children with ADHD have deficits in executive functions (attentional control, inhibition and working memory (WM)) that are vital for academic performance. Deficits in WM skills have been linked with problems in learning and classroom behavior […]

Investigating the efficacy of Cogmed in children ADHD


Institution: GGZ Meerkanten Investigator(s): Dr. Meinte Vollema, Nick Damhuis Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: ADHD is a developmental disorder with a prevalence of 3 to 7 percent. Defining characteristics include hyperactivity, impulsiveness and difficulty retaining attention for a long period of time. Executive functions, particularly working memory (WM) are key deficits in ADHD. Although […]

Jonas Jendi interviewed for article in Le Temps


Posted: June 11, 2010 - Working memory capacity - and its limitations - play a crucial role in how we manage to succeed in our increasingly complex daily life. Cogmed co-founder Torkel Klingberg addresses this issue in his book "The Overflowing Brain", explaining how recent research adds to our understanding of what we call "multitasking".