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How is Cogmed different from other cognitive training programs?


As recognition that intensive training can improve important cognitive functions like attention and working memory has increased, so has the number of cognitive training programs available to choose from. How does Cogmed Working Memory Training differ from many of these other options? Here are some key factors: 1. Cogmed Working Memory Training was developed by […]

Ongoing Research


As an evidence-based intervention, Cogmed is supported by a growing body of peer-reviewed research. Dozens of scientists all over the world are currently investigating the efficacy of Cogmed in a wide variety of sample populations for whom working memory has been identified as a limiting factor. Although the details of many of these projects are […]

Working memory training in adolescents with pediatric bipolar disorder


Research institution: University of Illinois, Chicago Researchers: Dr. Mani Pavulluri, Dr. Alessandra Passarotti, & Dr. Linda Laatsch Training program used in research: Cogmed RM Status: Ongoing Summary Given that working memory deficits are associated with scholastic underachievement and poor interpersonal functions (Pavuluri et al., 2006; Barnett et al., 2009) and may worsen in pediatric bipolar […]

Does working memory training improve the classroom performance of children with poor working memory? A randomised controlled trial


Institution: University of York Investigator(s): Darren Dunning, Professor Susan Gathercole, Dr. Joni Holmes Program: Cogmed RM Background & Aim: Children with low working memory (WM) typically make slow academic progress and have difficulties meeting the WM demands of the classroom. Children with poor WM are at high risk of underachievement in literacy and maths. The […]

WM training in extremely low birth weight population of adolescents


Research institution: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Researchers: Ann-Mari Brubakk, Professor Training program used in research: Cogmed RM Status: Ongoing Working Memory (WM) is one of the neuropsychological functions that have been found to be impaired in preterm children and adolescents. The aim of our study is to evaluate whether the Cogmed RM […]

WM training in college students with ADHD


Research institution: University of Toronto Researchers: Rosemary Tannock, Ph.D., Rachel Gropper, Reena Kronitz Training program used in research: Cogmed QM Status: Ongoing The overall objective of the current study is to determine whether computerized WM training will enhance WM capacity in college students with ADHD. There are three additional objectives. The first is to determine […]

The effects of cognitive remediation on ADHD symptoms


Institution: University of Lausanne Investigator(s): Michel Bader Program: Cogmed RM/QM Background & Aim: Neuroimaging studies have begun to document both structural and functional pathological changes in fronto-subcortical-cerebellar circuits in ADHD patients, but the utility of the findings are limited for purposes of diagnosis. However, it is possible that a better and more precise knowledge about […]

Computerized memory training leads to sustained improvement in visuo-spatial short term memory skills in children


Institution: University of Portsmouth Investigator(s): Stephanie Bennett, Dr. Joni Holmes, Professor Sue Buckley Program: Cogmed JM Background & Aim: Working memory (WM) is the system for holding and manipulating information during the performance of complex cognitive activities such as reasoning and active learning. WM can be divided into at least three main components; an attentional […]

Cogmed training and coaching: Improving cognitive symptoms and quality of life in aging adults


Research institution: Mercer University Researchers: Hyer, L., Atkinson, M.M., Dhabliwala, J., Scoggins, C., and Yeager, C. Training program used in research: Cogmed QM Status: Poster presented at 2009 meeting of National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN). This study is still ongoing. Overview To date, cognitive rehabilitation (CR) has not been systematically assessed in various forms of […]

Feasibility and effectiveness of working memory in three psychiatric populations


Research institution: Johns Hopkins University Researchers: Dr. Miriam Mintzer Training program used in research: Cogmed RM Status: Completed Summary In an initial pilot study, researchers at Johns Hopkins University assessed the feasibility and effectiveness of working memory training in 3 psychiatric populations that experience significant cognitive impairment (including in the domains of working memory and […]

About Working Memory


Working memory is the search engine of the mind Working memory is the cognitive function responsible for keeping information online, manipulating it, and using it in your thinking. It is the way that you delegate the things you encounter to the parts of your brain that can take action. In this way, working memory is […]

Michelle Benton presents at the Youthfront Parent Resource Fair in Shawnee, KS March 25th


Michelle Benton, a Cogmed Coach from the Behavioral Health Specialists in Overland Park KS, presented at the Youthfront Parent Resource Fair in Shawnee, KS on March 25th. The fair was designed to bring together local resources for children including tutoring, after school care, and counseling.