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Roberta Tsukahara, Ph.D. exhibits at Lake Travis, TX ISD Transition Fair January 30th


Cogmed Practitioner Dr. Roberta Tsukahara of ADD Austin presented at a College and Transition Fair Hosted by the Lake Travis Independent School District on January 30th 2010. The event took place at Lake Travis High School in Austin Texas. Presenters and exhibitors included local and state agencies/organizations along with colleges, universities, and trades schools who serve youth with disabilities.

Torkel Klingberg, M.D. Ph.D.


Torkel Klingberg, M.D., Ph.D., is a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the Stockholm Brain Institute, at Sweden’s renowned Karolinska Institute. In 2001, Klingberg founded Cogmed to develop and market working memory training programs based on his breakthrough research demonstrating that working memory capacity can be improved through training. 
His research continues to focus on ways […]

Cogmed Qualified Practices and Schools


Cogmed Qualified Practices in the United States Cogmed Working Memory Training is provided across the United States through a network of Cogmed Qualified Practices, as well as in schools. Each practice and school has been trained by the Cogmed team. We also work closely and continuously with each practice to make sure all trainings are […]

Voices from your colleagues


Hear opinions about Cogmed from other health care professionals When you contemplate adding Cogmed to the tools you use to help your clients, you may want to investigate how the professionals in the network think of Cogmed. At the most recent annual Cogmed conference, we sat down with some of the leading people in the […]

Working Memory is the engine of learning


Cogmed Working Memory Training is now being used across the United States. Cogmed Version 3.0 is the latest release of the program and was designed to make implementing Cogmed in a school setting as easy as possible. Learn more, read user stories, and register for a webinar.

Working Memory Checklist


Identifying weaknesses in working memory An individual may be constrained by their working memory capacity if he/she: Is easily distracted when working on or doing something that is not highly interesting. Has trouble waiting his/her turn, for example in a conversation or when waiting in line to get help. Struggles with reading comprehension and has […]

Cogmed – an insightful discussion among coaches


Posted: January 25, 2010
A radio program called Attention Talk Radio, an Internet-based radio show, did a program about Cogmed Working Memory Training and how it is being used by health care professionals as a tool to curb problems related to attention.



프로그램 주의력 문제를 다룰 수 있도록 도와주는 Cogmed(코그메드) 작업기억력 훈련 Cogmed(코그메드) 작업기억력 훈련은 작업기억력 결핍에 의해 생기는 주의력 문제를 해결하도록 도와주는 컴퓨터 기반의 프로그램입니다. 우리는 인지 신경과학과 혁신적인 컴퓨터 게임 디자인을 결합하였을 뿐만 아니라 심리전문가들의 지원을 바탕으로 사용자들에게 실질적이고 지속적인 혜택을 제공합니다. 이 프로그램은 소프트웨어와 훈련 프로그램을 포함합니다. 훈련방법 제품 교육 훈련 진행 Cogmed(코그메드)만의 특징 […]



コグメドトレーニング コグメドは注意の障害に取り組む、一般の方、専門家、学校に解決策を提供します コグメドワーキングメモリトレーニングは、ワーキングメモリ能力の不足による注意の問題に対するコンピュータベースのソリューションです。 世界中に広がる認定されたチームとともに、さまざまな場および状況にトレーニングソリューションを提供します。 私達は認知脳神経科学に、革新的なコンピュータゲームデザインとプロフェッショナルの親身なサポートを取り入れることにより、長く続く成果をユーザーに提供します。 弊社のソリューションは使いやすいソフトウェアとそれぞれのケースに応じたサポートを含んでいます。 トレーニングメソッド コグメドの製品 トレーニングのしくみ コグメドのちがいとは



Cogmed Training Il Cogmed Working Memory Training è un programma scientificamente provato per aiutare i bambini, gli adolescenti e gli adulti a migliorare l’attenzione tramite un allenamento della loro memoria di lavoro. Il programma è basato su solide ricerche scientifiche che ne hanno dimostrato l’efficacia e può essere fatto nella comodità della propria casa, sotto […]





Programa Las soluciones Cogmed ayudan a consumidores, profesionales y escuelas, a tratar los problemas de atención El Entrenamiento Cogmed para la Memoria Operativa es una solución computarizada para problemas de atención ocasionados por una deficiente memoria operativa. Junto con calificados equipos alrededor del mundo, Cogmed ofrece una solución de entrenamiento para todos los escenarios. Combinamos […]