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Boy starts 3rd grade reading at 1st grade level – catches up to his peers after Cogmed training


Age: 8 Gender: Male Location: Naperville, Illinois Background: This boy was diagnosed with ADHD when he was young and at the beginning of his 3rd grade year, was only reading at a 1st grade level. He suffered from attention problems that were present both at school and at home. He would often trail off when he was […]

College student uses Cogmed to overcome lifelong attention problems, is excelling working in his father’s business


Age: 24 Gender: Male Location: Bedfordview, South Africa Background: Throughout his whole life, this 24 year old man was plagued by problems with concentration and hyperactivity. He was on Ritalin for a while but said that it did not really help with his attention problems. His progress was hindered when he lost his mother at […]

Eleven year old took three times as long as others to do his homework


Age: 11 Gender: Male Location: San Francisco, California Background: As a hard worker and a good student, this eleven year old boy had an above average IQ and got good grades in school, but he had significant executive function deficits and it set him at a big disadvantage from his peers. He had to work […]

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Young woman from Sweden uses Cogmed to overcome WM deficit from childhood cancer treatment


Age: 15 Gender: Female Location: Stockholm, Sweden This fifteen year old girl from Stockholm never gave her parents or teachers reason to think that she had attention problems or was being held back by any cognitive deficiency. As an intelligent girl, she received good grades in school and although she would sometimes struggle to stay […]

Family had tried everything to help their son, finally find an intervention that works


Age: 12 Gender: Male Location: Los Angeles, California Background: This boy’s family had put a lot of time, effort, and money in trying to find an intervention for their son’s attention problems and working memory deficits. The summer the year before, his parents drove over an hour each way to a nearby university for a […]

Professor Torkel Klingberg wins the 2009 MD Axel Hirsch prize


Posted: September 20, 2009
The Karolinska Institute announced on Wednesday, September, 23rd that one of the founders of Cogmed, Torkel Klingberg, was selected to receive this year’s MD Axel Hirsch prize in the field of neurobiology.

Cogmed partners with practice in the Bahamas


Posted: September 18, 2009 – Cogmed Working Memory Training has signed on for the first time with a team in The Bahamas. Dr. Michelle Major became a Cogmed Qualified Practitioner in September 2009 and is located in Nassau.

Boy with learning disability is able to read long books each week after Cogmed


Age: 12 Gender: Male Location: South Bend, Indiana Background: Diagnosed with a Learning Disability and ADHD, this young boy had significant trouble staying focused in the classroom and at home. The boy also had motor difficulties and was never able to sit still long enough to read or focus on his homework. The boy was […]

Young man finds himself working ahead rather than playing catch-up


Age: 14 Gender: Male Location: South Bend, Indiana Background: This young man from Indiana went to an academically challenging private school. He excelled at sports – baseball in particular, but struggled to keep up with the high expectations of his school. The boy had significant attention problems; he didn’t know how to study and was […]

Memory exam as good as IQ test


Posted: September 15, 2009
A recent article from the UK publication, The Sunday Times, reports that working memory tests are a better indicator of academic success than IQ tests.

Time Magazine publishes article about “brain-training” games, highlights Westerberg study


Posted: September 15, 2009
A recent article in Time Magazine discusses the relevance of slowing mental decline in the elderly by playing video games and references a study done by Helena Westerberg, Ph.D. on Cogmed training.