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Man struggles to focus in conversations, has anxiety in social settings


Age: 41 Gender: Male Location: Denver, Colorado Background: This 41 year old man from Denver, Colorado suffered from ADHD and reported significant difficulty with memory. This man claimed that when he reads any material, he is unable to remember the details. In addition, he would frequently get “psyched-out” in social situations because he knew he […]

Intelligent college student takes hours longer than most to finish tests


Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: South Bend, Indiana Background: This young man, a freshman at Notre Dame University, has superior intellectual ability, but was constrained by his poor working memory capacity.  He suffered from an anxiety disorder, ADHD, poor auditory working memory, and slow processing speed. He is a high achieving young man, but was […]

High School senior struggles in math, science classes despite high IQ


Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Background: This 18 year old from Toronto suffered from a non-verbal learning disorder. He had above average verbal reasoning skills with significant delays in nonverbal reasoning, working memory, and processing speed. Throughout his entire high school education, he would get A grades in language arts classes, but […]

10 year old suffers from anxiety, cannot read at a first grade level


Age: 10 Gender: Male Location: Exeter, New Hampshire Background: By the time this young boy completed fourth grade, he was struggling to read at a first grade level. This young man had a long history of ADHD, language based learning disabilities, and an anxiety disorder. Despite years of intensive individual teaching intervention, he still struggled […]

10 year old with complex neurology sees “life-changing” results


Age: 10 Gender: Male Location: Cleveland, Ohio Background: This 10 year-old boy from Ohio suffered from very a complex neurology consisting of a seizure disorder, severe migraine headaches, and school failure/behavior difficulties.  He documented attention and working memory deficits and often flared into anger from his frustration. These problems caused the boy to be isolated, […]

Cogmed partners with HappyMind to bring proven cognitive training program to Korea


Posted: July 13, 2009 - Cogmed, a developer of software-based working memory training programs for kids and adults who want to improve attention, has announced a partnership with HappyMind ( to provide Cogmed’s programs throughout South Korea.

Working memory deficits can be overcome: Impacts of training and medication on working memory in children with ADHD


This study conducted at the University of York compared the impact of stimulant medication treatment vs. Cogmed Working Memory Training on the working memory performance and IQ of children with ADHD. Results indicated that medication treatment improved performance on visuo-spatial WM, but not on verbal short-term memory, visuo-spatial short-term memory, or verbal working memory. In contrast, working memory training led to significant gains on all 4 memory tasks and moved children’s performance into the average range. Follow-up data collected 6 months later indicated that training gains in working memory had persisted.

Can Gaming Slow Mental Decline in the Elderly?


Posted: July 11, 2009
This article in Time Magazine discusses the relevance of slowing mental decline in the elderly by playing video games and references a study done by Helena Westerberg, Ph.D. on Cogmed training. The article explores the idea that rigorous mental activities can curb the natural cognitive decline that comes with aging and points to Cogmed as an example of the serious scientific implications that surround the idea of cognitive training.

College student finds himself overwhelmed at summer job


Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Cleveland, Ohio Background: A college student from Cleveland, Ohio found working his summer job to be a source of anxiety and even embarrassment. Diagnosed with ADHD in the third grade, he would frequently lose his train of thought and forget to complete seemingly simple tasks. As an employee of a […]

Young boy could not sit still, was easily distracted and impulsive


Age: 10 Gender: Male Location: Phoenix, Arizona Background: This 10-year-old boy from Phoenix, AZ had great difficulty sitting still in most situations. His parents lamented that the boy could only sit and concentrate when he was in front of computer games or while participating in other fun activities that he took great interest in. The […]

12 year old learns to read properly after completing Cogmed training


Age: 12 Gender: Male Location: Houston, Texas Background: This boy from Houston, TX suffered from severe attention problems in school. He had not yet learned to read properly by the age of twelve and had a great amount of difficulty initiating school assignments on his own. After being assessed by clinical psychologists, it was determined […]

Ten year old charmed teachers, studied hard – still struggled in school


Age: 10 Gender: Male Location: Ventura County, California Background: A friendly child from Ventura County, CA, this ten year old boy often charmed teachers with his winning personality. But in third grade they began to notice that he had considerable trouble focusing and remembering tasks. His parents noticed too, as homework became a daily up-hill […]