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Academic performance improves in children training working memory in school


Posted: March 30, 2009 - A new research study published in the April 2009 edition of Developmental Science provides new hope to adolescents who struggle in school due to poor working memory.

Cognitive training pioneer launches Website to tell the story behind the brain’s plasticity


Posted: March 28, 2009 - Cogmed, a developer of software training programs for children and adults who are limited by attention, has launched The Cogmed Story, a new Website documenting the scientific understanding of working memory, the breakthrough discovery that it can be strengthened through training and the use of this training to improve attention.

Tips for Better Time Management


Posted: March 9, 2009
An article in the Los Angeles Times examines various tips for improving time management. One of the best approaches: sharpening working memory. The piece identifies Cogmed Working Memory Training is an important method that has “won growing support among clinicians in the U.S.”

Children in poverty develop poor working memory because of stress


Gary Evans, PhD, a professor of environmental psychology at Cornell University has released momentous study indicating that stress among children in poverty contributes to weak working memory overtime and places these children at a distinct cognitive disadvantage compared to their peers.