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JVS first in Canada to offer memory training program


Posted: December 6th, 2007 - A December article in the Canadian Jewish News reports on JVS Toronto’s announcement that is will offer Cogmed Working Memory Training. JVS was the first Canadian practice to provide the program. Two of the world’s foremost experts on working memory, Drs. Rosemary Tannock and Torkel Klingberg, were on hand for the event and commented for the article.

Study confirms Cogmed results are lasting


Posted: December 1, 2007 - A recent open label study conducted by Dr. Steven Bozylinski, Cogmed qualified practitioner and director of the ADHD Clinic of Southern California, demonstrates the effectiveness of Cogmed Working Memory Training in sustainably improving executive functioning and attention.

Harvard tests Cogmed in Boston schools, concludes program can stimulate skills critical to mental health, cognitive development, and academic achievement


Posted: December 1, 2007 - Harvard tests Cogmed in Boston schools, concludes program can stimulate skills critical to mental health, cognitive development, and academic achievement A new open label pilot study led by Harvard and Children’s Hospital Boston took Cogmed Working Memory Training into the classrooms of Boston public schools. The result was a promising conclusion that working memory training “offers the possibility of stimulating cognitive skills that are critical to mental health, to cognitive development and academic achievement.”

Cogmed unveils working memory training program for adults – Cogmed QM


Published: December 1, 2007 - Attention issues are a lifelong condition for many people. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reports that almost 50 percent of children with ADHD still have symptoms that require treatment in adulthood. For those with milder, but still significant attention challenges, the problems also often persist, going from school problems to professional obstacles.

Identifying and addressing executive function problems in your child


Published: December 1, 2007 - Q&A with Dr. Tarnow - Jay Tarnow, M.D., is the founder and director of the Tarnow Center for Self Management based in Houston. He has been treating children and adults with attention deficits and learning disorders for more than 30 years.

Cogmed Newsletter #6, December 2007


Published: December 1, 2007 - Parents, teachers and doctors are discovering the importance of executive function. Is your kid smarter than his grades indicate? For years parents, teachers and even kids have been puzzled by grades that don’t seem to match up to intelligence. Today, prompted by recent scientific insights into the human brain, many parents and teachers are discovering that some children—even very intelligent children—are underachieving in school because they have problems with executive function.

The brain uses working memory to filter out irrelevant information


Fiona McNab, a researcher at the Karolinska Institute, reveals that the areas in the brain associated with working memory were particularly active before a subject successfully filtered out irrelevant information.